About OnStar Stolen Vehicle Assistance

About OnStar Stolen Vehicle Assistance

Learn about how the Stolen Vehicle Assistance feature works.

How It Works 

OnStar® Advisors work with law enforcement to help them as they attempt to locate and recover a Member’s stolen vehicle. Once law enforcement have been notified and a report filed, OnStar can begin assisting them in recovering the vehicle. See some of the key features employed by Stolen Vehicle Assistance below that can help get you back behind the wheel.

Theft Alarm Notification

The Theft Alarm Notification function can alert members if their vehicle alarm sounds.

Remote Ignition Block

The Remote Ignition Block feature can be activated, at the direction of law enforcement, to stop your vehicle’s engine from starting once it has been turned off.

Stolen Vehicle Slowdown

Once your vehicle has been confirmed stolen, OnStar Advisors will work with law enforcement as they attempt to help locate your vehicle. In the event of a pursuit, OnStar can assist police at their direction by safely slowing down the vehicle so the police can apprehend the thieves and recover your vehicle.

You must file a police report before contacting OnStar. Once a report is filed, you can call 1.888.4ONSTAR to report your vehicle as stolen and begin the process of recovery through Stolen Vehicle Assistance. You will be contacted by law enforcement or OnStar with updates on the status of the vehicle recovery.

Stolen Vehicle Assistance is available with select OnStar plans (Premium; Essentials; and Safety & Security).


How can I manage my OnStar service?

You can manage your account online by signing into your GM Account, pushing the blue OnStar button in your vehicle and speaking with an Advisor, or calling 1.888.4ONSTAR (1.888.466.7827).

Will OnStar provide me with my stolen vehicle’s location?

No. For your safety, location information is only provided to law enforcement. We will keep you updated on the progress of your vehicle’s recovery as often as possible.

Does Stolen Vehicle Slowdown or Remote Ignition Block have negative effects on my engine?

No. These services do not harm your vehicle’s engine.

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